Wang Lu photo exhibition “Now here, Now there” 9/12 – 22

The COVID-19 occurred in the first half of 2020 has become a true milestone of the times. It has brought many difficulties to people, forcing them to live in fear of unseen threats and pressured by anxiety with no place to go.

In a society that has been changed so much in recent months, many people are pondering more than ever about their own position in society and their future life plans.

Reminders Photography Stronghold has experienced the first postponement of exhibitions and workshops since the gallery opened. Many galleries and museums in the world were closed to prevent the spread of the virus, the annual photo festival had to be cancelled or postponed, which made it hard for people who were planning to produce or present their work to come to a standstill.

We thought about what we could do to help in this situation. Then we decided to hold an open call for an exhibition for individuals or groups to create works under the theme of COVID-19 Pandemic.

The application was closed on August 15, one winner and three finalists were selected. The winner is Wang Lu’s work “Now here, Now there”. To commemorate the award, a solo exhibition will be held from September 12 to 22. Please come and visit us during this period.

We are also planning to exhibit the works of the three finalists from October 17 to 25.
Please look forward to seeing them as well.



Reminders Photography Stronghold画廊成立以来,第一次经历了企划展和研讨会等的延期。在全世界,为了防止新冠病毒的感染扩大,画廊和美术馆一律关闭,历年举办的摄影节不得不取消或延期。对于正在制作作品和准备发表作品的艺术家来说,不得不去重新思考接下来要怎么做。在这种情况下,我们考虑了我们能够做什么。我们决定以“COVID-19流行”为主题,公开征集个人或团体创作的作品。

到8月15日报名截止,我们评选出1名大奖得主和3名入围者,最终确定大奖得主为王露的作品《现在,这里。现在,那里。》。 为了纪念获奖,王露将在9月12日至9月22日举办个展。 希望各位在展览期间前来参观。


【緊急企画展COVID-19パンデミック公募ファイナリスト決定】杉浦 修治「dissociation」、松下 律子「空を仰ぎ、彼らを見送る」、魏子涵「呼吸の響き」

©️Wang Lu / Here and now, there

Now here, Now there

Due to influence of COVID-19, some of my work in progress is hard to be produced for now.

The work “Now here, Now there” is a story that mixes reality and a fictional description of my hometown and Tokyo as its subjects.

I use a map of China to visualize the landscape of returning home by combining images which cut from the map with the photos taken in my hometown.

On the other hand, with the COVID-19 explosion, a new routine is created, the action of “washing hand, disinfecting hands” has become a very frequent and important act, often mentioned by the government, newspapers, family and friends.

I took this new normal life as one perspective, expressed a new lifestyle through photography.

The fictional description took me back home and back to the past as well.

But the newly created routine always presents me with a return to reality.

Wang Lu



Wang Lu photo exhibition “Now here, Now there”
*From 2020,Sep,12(Sat)-22(Tue)
13:00~19:00 No charge
*Facebook live art-talk

*Location:Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery
Address:2-chōme-38-5 Higashimukōjima
(Tobu-Isesaki Line, 6 minutes walk from Hikifune Station or 5 minutes walk from Keisei Hikifune Station)

王露 写真展《现在,这里。现在,那里。》
13:00~19:00 展期午休、入场免费
◎Facebook 直播艺术家对谈

◎展览会场:Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery

©️Wang Lu / Now here, Now there

©️Wang Lu / Now here, Now there

©️Wang Lu / Now here, Now there

©️Wang Lu / Now here, Now there

©️Wang Lu / Now here, Now there

©️Wang Lu / Now here, Now there

©️Wang Lu / Now here, Now there

Profile | WANG LU
Born in China,1989. Based in Tokyo.Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences. Currently enrolled in the Department of Intermedia Art at Tokyo University of the Arts. By using photographic media, visualizing the time, memories, and the daily life that we usually overlook, to make fictional and non-fictional story, which has been presented in galleries in Japan and abroad.The work in progress, “Frozen are the Winds of Time”, is an attempt to visualize time as well as memory using the microcosm of family. The work for exhibition this time, “Here and now, there” depicts a story with a mixture of reality and fictional imagination.

The 20th「1_WALL」Photography, Finalist (2019);Canon’s New Cosmos of Photography, Honorable Mention Award (2019);Canon Ginza Presents Shines Award (2019);In the LensCulture Critics’ Choice 2020 Awards (2020), the work is recommended by Aperture Magazine’s editor, Michael Famighetti, and is scheduled to be exhibited in 2021.

个人简介 | 王露

曾获 第20回日本「1_WALL」写真 Finalist(2019);第42回日本写真新世纪 佳作赏(2019);第2回佳能SHINES写真家选拔受赏(2019); LensCulture Critics’ Choice 2020 Awards (2020)中,作品被美国Aperture杂志编辑迈克尓・法米格赫蒂推荐,并计划于2021年展出。