About Reminders Photography Stronghold

Reminders Photography Stronghold is a curated membership gallery in Tokyo making multi-photographic activities possible (exhibitions, workshops, events, photobook room, photographers in residence, photography grants, publishing).

YUMI GOTO on the inauguration of Reminders Photography Stronghold

I left Japan a very long time ago.

At some point, I determined that Japan was no longer my home.

Because of this, I realize that for many years I contributed little to my own country.

I came to this realization following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster. This catastrophe caused me to think about my life and my direction. Why do I live my life this way? What is my goal?

But I believe that I now have something to offer to Japan – the experience and knowledge gained while working for so long, so far away from home.

For a long time, I have wanted to create a place where one can live with photography. A place where one can eat, sleep, see and do photography. A place not only for myself, but also for anyone who loves and relies on photographs.

To make this possible, I needed a space, and it should be a huge space, big enough to fit my plans. When I started looking for such a location in Tokyo, it seemed unlikely – but the fates smiled, and I think I have found a great spot, one with amazing potential.

This place might be my last home – I could call it my fortress. It could also be a reliable fortress for those committed people who fight for photography. So I have named it “REMINDERS PHOTOGRAPHY STRONGHOLD.”

The plan is to create a photographic gallery and library that offers programs and events that promote photography. In addition to exhibits and books, I plan for the STRONGHOLD to offer international and domestic photo residencies, photography project grants, events, workshops and publishing opportunities.

For many years, the Reminders Project has had no physical space in which to settle or act on its many ideas: now it finally can.

On April 24th, I will leave Thailand, where I have lived for so long. And so will begin the steady preparation for the new project.

I will keep you updated with the progress of this new life in Tokyo. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.

In Bangkok
Yumi Goto – Reminders Project
April 2012

MASARU GOTO on the inauguration of Reminders Photography Stronghold

It has been 25 years since I left Japan with an old Pentax Camera and few hundred dollars. Since then, I had acquiring experience as I met many people and try to make photography together as an art.

In last year, I faced a life and death personally, so I was thinking my existence in the society. As a photographer, not only taking pictures but I started to think that I need to contribute to the society more.

I establish the Reminders Photography Stronghold as independent base to raise the sense of values of the photograph and recognition as the art in world eminent photograph city Tokyo.

I will work hard to build up this new base as world eminent photograph institution. I would like to the cooperation of all of you.

Thank you very much.

Reminders Photography Stronghold


Reminders Photography Stronghold Map
131-0032, 2-38-5, Higashi-mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Hikifune station on the Tobu Skytree line or Keisei line

By Train: From Shibuya station, take the Metro Hanzomon Line,
the same train gets you to Hikifune station in 33minutes



The reminders (something or someone to make one remember) project was inaugurated in 2000 as a website and series of photo exhibitions. Reminders is a name that refers simultaneously to the photographer, the subject and the people who see it.

By simply reading a paper or watching the news on TV, people can consider what is happening elsewhere in the world as somebody else’s business. Even though problems remain unsolved, people forget about the issues very quickly. Or, if an issue does not attract attention in the first place, it is as if nothing happened at all.

The reminders project, however, aims to tell as many people as possible what really happens around the world. We show images taken by  photojournalists who understand their subjects deeply and continue to cover issues through their own viewpoints. In addition to covering these stories, The Reminders Project creates slide shows, workshops and both national and international photo exhibitions.

The reminders project has no set agenda as to how and where we present the works created. We also have no requirements on photographers’ nationalities or their experience. But we have two fundamental ideas: to introduce our stories widely and to seek various viewpoints. Our ideal goal is for this project’s stories to endure through time.


yumi1-150x150Yumi Goto, Curator of Reminders Photography Stronghold

Independent art and documentary photography curator, editor, researcher and consultant who focuses on the development of cultural exchanges that transcend borders. Full biography

She collaborates with local and international artists who live and work in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters, current social problems, human rights abuses and women’s issues. She often works with human rights advocates, international and local NGOs, humanitarian organisations and as well as international photo festivals and events throughout Asia. She is a founder of REMINDERS PROJECT and Tokyo Documentary Photography Workshop, and has launched REMINDERS PHOTO PROJECT GRANT FOR ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS “Visual Story Telling” with the Angkor Photo Festival. She is a curator of the weekly photography blog, REMINDERS: I WAS THERE and is editor in chief of pdfX12, photo documentary folio.

Goto is a board reviewer of Emphas.is, Prix Pictet Photography Prize nominator, 2012 MAGNUM Emergency Fund nominator, Photo City Sagamihara Asia Prize nominator and a jury member of the Asian Women photographers showcase for the Angkor Photo Festival, a jurist for the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand annual photo contest 2010, and for the KL PHOTO AWARD 2011. She is a curator for the Photo Forum Beirut and a photo editor of the 100th memorial photographic book project, THIS DAY OF CHANGE by the Japanese publisher Kodansha which was nominated Lucie Award’s support Category. She is a recipient of Women’s Human Rights Activities Award, Yayori Journalist Award.

masaruMasaru Goto, Photographer / Director of Reminders Photography Stronghold

With 25 years experience photographing social and human rights issues in Asia and South America. Masaru spent many years abroad as a photographer, he has begun to focus on his own country of Japan, where many social issues are not readily seen or discussed in public.  Full biography

In 2012 he establish the Reminders Photography Stronghold in Tokyo as independent base.

He received numerous awards, includes “Sagamihara city Award”2005, The Ueno Hikoma Award”2004, and International Fund for Documentary Photography(IFDP) 2002..etc.


Architecture and Space Design by Yuzuru Takanohashi/köd




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