Reminders Photography Stronghold is a membership gallery whose goal is to make multi-photographic activities possible to its members through exhibitions, workshops, events, a library, photographers in residence programs and grant publishing opportunities. The Stronghold will be inaugurated in November 2012.


Without your support, we cannot operate. If you’d like to join us here is what we can offer you-and by becoming a member we will update you as space develops and becomes stronger. Membership is for not only for photographers, but also for curators, photo editors, book publishers, and gallerists – both domestic and international.

■ RPS Membership Benefits Chart

ISO 50 100 200 400 non-member
Annual membership fee ¥11,000 (with sales tax)
*effective at 2019/10 –
¥44,000 (with sales tax)
*effective at 2019/10 –
¥88,000 (with sales tax)
*effective at 2019/10 –
¥176,000 (with sales tax)
*effective at 2019/10 –
Free pass to all RPS events YES YES YES YES ¥1,000/event (¥12,000 to join all events)
Workshop discount YES YES YES YES up to ¥5,000 discount from workshops
Portfolio Review NO Up to four times a year Up to four times a year Up to four times a year ¥33,000 per session
Accommodation NONE 10% OFF 30% OFF 30% OFF Shared :¥2,750/day Single :¥3,850/day
*Winter time plus 2,200 yen / 20 litter heating oil usage.
Gallery Space NO NO 5-10DAYS 10-20DAYS ¥22,000/day

■ Details of Benefits

Event Free Pass

For RPS organized lectures, symposiums, talk events, slide shows and other events you receive access to all the events without charge throughout the year. There should be at least 12 events planned, normally costing 1,000 yen each to participate. Also, you will be given priority invitations to events and exhibition openings.


RPS will be organizing workshops throughout the year. For each workshop, you’ll receive a discount of 3,000 to 5,000 yen depending on the price of the workshop

A year-long mentorship program, One-to-One Portfolio Review or Editing Session

Up to four times a year, One-to-One Portfolio Review, Editing Session and mentorship program with the RPS Curator, Yumi Goto.

– You can choose a date and select a one on one portfolio review or editing session.

– Through this session, if the work fits the goals of the gallery space, there might be a possibility RPS will host your exhibition. Benefits also include your work to be nominated at an international photo competition or, the possibility for your work to be shown at an international photo festival.

– Through our website, Facebook and Twitter, we will help publicize and support exceptional work and talent. We have a global network of contacts and connections the global photographic industry. Our publicity will help your work gain global recognition.

– For scheduling portfolio review or editing session, we will book the date in the order of accepting membership applications.

Discount for the Residence

You can use the RPS residence with the discount rate.

* Discount rate depends on the type of membership you choose.

* You can stay for a maximum of 5 days.

You can get premium use of gallery space

*Our proud gallery space is an impressively large 90 square meters

and you can get premium use of this gallery space.

*Period of use depends on the type of membership

NOTE TO ISO200 and ISO400 members

We will review your exhibition proposal and will contact you if your proposal is successfully approved. Only after this, can you proceed with payment and fixing the schedule.

Photographers, curators, gallerists, book publishers and organizations as either individuals or a group are eligible to apply. * There will be a 40% commission on print sales.


To apply for RPS Membership

Stop By

The fastest way to join is to meet us at the RPS, and we’ll give you an annual membership card upon your purchase.

Via email

Include name, address, email address and mobile number . Please mention which membership (from ISO 50 – 400) you would like to apply and email us at

Application form

Membership fee payment method

1: Bank: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ

Branch code and name: 028 Awaji

Saving account 4694970


2: Post office

Account code: 00920-4-155525

Account name: REMINDERS PROJECT (Officially in Japanese Katakana)

Please note this transmission for the RPS annual membership and type of membership.

3: PayPal – We could send you a PayPal invoice.

We only issue a receipt upon request. Please provide the name of the recipient and the address to send by post or email.