As a related event to the RPS Artist Book Fair, which will start on March 13, we will hold live streaming talk events with a theme. The speakers will be artists who have produced and/or sold photobooks through RPS.

artwork by Giancarlo Shibayama

The themes of the talk will be “Why we make handmade books / Trial and Error”, “Visual storytelling”, “Personal point of view”, and “Introducing archive mining” and “Trade edition.”

The five themes that will be discussed are all important to the production of a photobook at RPS. The meaning and reason for making a photobook, the true meaning of the book’s story, and sharing it with the world. The artists will talk about the challenges and experiences they have faced many times in the course of their work.

The event will be held on different dates and times, with Japanese language distribution (for Japanese-speaking only) and English language distribution (for English-speaking only). For some of the artists, this event will be the first time to meet each other. It will be an opportunity for those who have produced photobooks to introduce their work on a single theme through their own experiences and talk about how they arrived at the photobook.

You may have heard a lot about RPS book production and workshops, but what is it really like?
We hope that everyone who is curious about RPS’s book production and those who have been following our book production with interest since the beginning will enjoy this talk event.

14th March / Sun / 20:00 JPT
“Why we make handmade books / Trial and Error” (English only)
speakers: Giancarlo Shibayama , Julie Glasberg , Elena Kholkina , Tammy Law , Tamsin Green

15th March / Mon / 20:00 JPT
“Visual storytelling” (English only)
speakers: Chloé Jafé , Christo Geoghegan , Ng Hui Hsien , Julia Mejnertsen , Stijn Van der Linden

21st March / Sun / 20:00 JPT
“Personal point of view” (English only)
speakers: Claudia Hans , Paola Jiménez , Tomasz Laczny , Louis Lim , Giancarlo Shibayama

26th March / Fri / 20:00 JPT “Introducing archive mining” (English only)
speakers: Giancarlo Shibayama , Kurt Tong , Ana lorente , Alla Mirovskaya

27th March / Sat / 20:00 JPT “Trade edition” (English only)
speakers: Lijie Zhang , Mara Catalan , Kurt Tong , Stijn Van der Linden , Magda Biernat , Katherine Longly , Chow and Lin , Naomi Harris