Photobook as object / Photobook Who Cares at Virtual Art Book Fair

It is pleased for us to announce, “PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT / PHOTOBOOK WHO CARES” will be participating in “Virtual Art Book Fair 2020” from 16th to 23rd November this year. As a team of artists, we will take part in this event for our sixth time and the book fair will be held online due to COVID-19.

“PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT / PHOTOBOOK WHO CARES” is formed by participants from various photobook events held by Reminders Photography Stronghold. This includes photobook workshops, masterclass, and atlas lab workshops.
How do you visually represent complex and multifaceted “reality”? This is a key notion we explore through the photobook medium. Our narratives do not only consist of pictures. We gather content through various approaches and weave it into a multilayered story. Some of these elements include the format of the book, paper, tactile devices and circulation number that reflect the theme of the work. We believe that a photobook has a vital presence in the art that allows readers to reveal and understand another’s reality.
We offer limited edition artist books handmade by artists from printing to bookbinding. Our books often lead to popular editions that published by reputable publishers and are highly regarded in international platforms, such as photobook and dummy book awards.
During the book fair, there will be opportunities for some of the artist to have online conversations with you. We look forward to your visit and hope you have some wonderful encounter with our books.

Dates: Nov 16th (Mon) to 23rd (Mon)
Exhibiting Artists:
Elena Kholkina
Hiroshi Okamoto
Hajime Kimura
Junpei Ueda
Kanta Nomura
Kenji Chiga
Louis Lim
Lu Wang
Mara Catalan
Moe Suzuki
Ryo Kusumoto
Yoshikatsu Fujii
Yukari Chikura
Yusuke Takagi