RPS Kyoto Annex “Paperoles” will be launched in November, with the topping-out ceremony to be streamed online on October 2 at 7 p.m.!

RPS Kyoto Annex PAPEROLES Sketch: Kazuhiro Aoshima.

To all of you.
We have news for you!
Reminders Photography Stronghold Kyoto Annex “Paperoles” will open in November.
We started the space as a gallery in November 2012 with a topping-out ceremony in August 2012 in Tokyo, holding events on the ground floor and upstairs which were still in the process of being renovated. Since then, we have had the opportunity to exhibit the work of artists from many different countries, starting with an exhibition of the artists who have worked so hard to create this space, and continuing from its inception. The once neat and empty photobook library is now full of books, and the annual photobook workshop adds to the significance of this place.

Our role is to work with photographers. Our role is to create a place to present, to bring people together, to provide valuable experiences that can only be had here, to help discover and develop the talent of the artist. We also encourage them to play an active role on a larger stage. We believe that everyone has the same talent that shines through, and we feel a sense of purpose in nurturing and developing that talent, and we are further motivated by the dedication of these artists to this day. People from not only Japan but also from abroad have gathered here, and the ideal form we had in our mind at the beginning has been realized. This is only because we have been able to continue our activities with the help of our friends who have concentrated on creating unique content and have freely demonstrated their own abilities. As long as our lives last, we will continue to make the most of our abilities and do our best to be of service to others.

Since the beginning of this year, the effects of the corona have appeared in many places.
It’s unfortunate that the number of patients and the actual deaths are increasing every day, but we haven’t had time not to think about what we need to do in the midst of it all. As much as we are grateful to have a place to realize a wide range of photographic activities after so many years of online activity, our biggest concern is the loss of the cultural and people-to-people exchanges that we used to take for granted.
This is the threat, not only from abroad, but also in Japan, as people are encouraged to refrain from moving between Tokyo and the rest of the country.

We have been considering a dual location for a long time, both in Tokyo and in somewhere, but we didn’t see a good reason to do so before making a decision. We had tried several times, but we hesitated and abandoned the idea. This year, however, we began to hear about the serious effects of the corona, and we began to explore the possibility again. Our intentions became stronger, and even though there was a phase where we felt we were being tested to see if we were serious, we finally arrived at a space where we felt strongly that we could make that desire a reality. As soon as we set foot in the space, a vision of the future opened up in our minds, just like when we found the RPS space in Tokyo. It’s an old townhouse on the east side of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, in a quiet area directly behind the Senbon Shakado, the oldest wooden structure in Kyoto, which is a national treasure.

Unlike when we started from scratch in Tokyo, through a friend in Mukojima, we were introduced to a carpenter who was willing to take part in the renovation of this Annex from the start. We are deeply moved by the fact that our relationship in Tokyo is connected to the West.
We have been quietly making preparations, and now the time has come to tell you that we will hold the same “Topping-out Ceremony” for the start of construction as we have done in Tokyo. Please look forward to the future activities of the RPS Kyoto Annex “Paperoles”.

Since this is the situation, the actual purpose of this video stream is to introduce the space and update you on what’s going on in the future. We won’t be archiving this video, so please check out the live feed.

Date and Time: Friday, October 2, 2020, at 7:00 PM
Place: RPS Kyoto Annex “Paperoles”
Those involved in the project will be on hand to broadcast the topping-out ceremony live from the site. The event itself will be live streamed on our Facebook page.