7/11 7PM-Tokyo Art Book Fair 2019 Eve with Exhibitors of the Year

We will be participating in the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2019 as part of “PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT / PHOTOBOOK WHO CARES”, which will be held during July 12 to July 15. As there will be overseas visiting artists, we call on this great opportunity to host Tokyo Art Book Fair Eve meet up from 7:00 pm on July 11th. We will hold an event to introduce exhibiting photobooks by artists.

Louis Lim who have recently published the artist’s book ‘… there is no end’, will be visiting Tokyo with co-author Beth Jackson to talk about their book.

In addition, Maki Hayashida, who just finished her photo exhibition at RPS will be sharing about her new work ‘Almost Transparent Island’ and her previous work ‘The Pacific Tourist’.
Miki Hasegawa, whose book “Internal Notebook” published by Italian publisher CEIBA Editions will also join us with a talk. The handling of her books has already begun in RPS, but in this occasion, ‘Internal Notebook’ will be official launch in Tokyo. Hasegawa’s work is the finalist of the PRIX PHOTO-TEXTE 2019 at the prestigious Arles International Photography Festival.

Continue with Arles-related work, Kenji Chiga, who has been the finalist of the Photobook Dummy Award, is scheduled to join with his selected work “The Suicide Boom“, along with two previous works “happn” and “Bird, Night, and then.“. It is a valuable opportunity to have Kensaku Seki to talk about his work “OF HOPE AND FEAR”. He is the winner of the International Portfolio Review 2018 FUJIFILM AWARD Special Award, in Kyotography.
Please join us and participate in the event.

We will also connect with artists who can’t be in Tokyo during this period via Skype. Kazuhiko Matsumura from Kyoto will be joining us through Skype to talk about his work. He will also be distributing his photo newspaper distributed at the photo exhibition “This is not what I expected.” held during the Kyotographie period.

As there won’t be an opportunity for us to provide artist talk during Tokyo Art Book Fair. This is an event that we will share stories and processes about our photobooks. We are looking forward to see you.

Time & Date: 7pm, July 11th, 2019 (Thursday)
Venue: Reminders Photography Stronghold 2-38-5 Higashi Mukojima, Sumida City, Tokyo
Free Entry
Participating artists: Louis Lim + Beth Jackson, Takuji Otsuka, Maki Hayashida, Miki Hasegawa, Kensaku Seki, Kenji Chiga, Kazuhiko  Matsumura (Skype participation).

※ We will continue to add artists who decides to join us on a later date.
This event is supported by the grant for Arts and Cultural activities in Sumida
It should be noted that for information on the Tokyo Art Book Fair, please check here.

The Venue for the 5th Tokyo Art Book Fair will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, which was reopened in late March 2019.

“PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT / PHOTOBOOK WHO CARES” will participate in various photo book related fairs, etc., consisting of participants of the photo book production workshop, master class and Atlas Lab held at Reminder Photography Stronghold.