RPS is looking back at four successful editions of the Photobook Masterclass. From 2015 to 2018, we have been such a success as the participants gained great recognitions and published books **as following list below. Again in 2019, We are happy to announce that the 5th edition of the Photobook Masterclass has been scheduled at Reminders Photography Stronghold in October 2019!!
Now we open the call for applications! We look forward to your participation!

During the six-day Masterclass at Reminders Photography Stronghold in Tokyo, Teun van der Heijden, and Sandra van der Doelen together with RPS’s Yumi Goto, will teach all aspects of how to turn a body of work into a book. Subjects that will be discussed are: editing and compiling process, concept development, design decisions like choice of size, paper, grid and typography, and the guidance of the printing process. The workshop is designed for photographers who are interested in working on a concept, edit, and sequence for a book. All the photographers will be expected to participate in pushing each other creatively and conceptually in discussing ways to problem solve the medium shift between singular images to the book as an object in the current environment of photography.

Teun van der Heijden: “Although we live in a digital age there is more attention for the paper photobook than ever before. Since the invention of the camera phone, we have started to use photography as a visual language in a broader spectrum from the colloquial to the formal, a language that has no geographical or national boundaries. On the Internet, we are constantly in contact with the rest of the world. We still have to fully embrace and adjust to this new frontier in visual communication. The paper photobook represents solidity, something we can literarily hold on to. It is a tangible object and it has the aura of an original art object. The contemporary photobook can be seen as a visual novel. It is with this in mind that graphic design agency Heijdens Karwei designs their photography books.”

During the workshop, Teun, Sandra, and Yumi will share their experience in conceptual work with photography books and photobook production. Together with the participants, they will go through the main stages of book production, from the concept to completion. Challenging the students to think outside their framework and create a unique object that complements the photographers’ visions. The workshop consists of lectures, practical classes, and works on the students’ own book projects resulting in the production of a dummy book/publication by each of the participants.
The workshop is divided into two parts. In the first part, students are encouraged to share ideas and spark creative genius discussing and thinking about concepts for each other. The second part is more individual in which students will work on an idea conceived in the first part of the workshop and create a dummy. During this part, Teun, Sandra, and Yumi will guide the students and help with ideas, problem-solving and probably stitching and gluing.

The workshop is aimed at photographers with a substantial project or body of work and is planning a publication. In addition to the images, the participants are encouraged to bring any other materials that can be potentially incorporated into their publication, such as texts, graphics elements, objects, archival material, ephemera, etc. It is highly recommended to bring along your B and C selections of pictures, including pictures you have doubts about or might find less interesting. A laptop with Indesign and Photoshop is a must, as well as small prints (roughly 10 x 15 cm or 4 x 6 inch) of your project for editing on the first days.

Workshop duration: Oct. 21, 22 & 23, 2019 (Mon, Tue, Wed), and Oct. 28, 29 & 30 (Mon, Tue, Wed), total 6 days.
**From the 24th to 27th, there will be days for the paper research trip by masters, a basic bookbinding workshop by the previous masterclass participants and an informal self-reflection, group discussions, and further development**

Oct 21 : From 17:00 to 21:00. Beginning and closing time may be changed/extended.
Oct 22, 23, 28, 29 & 30 : From 11:00 to 19:00 Including a break, time may be changed / extended.
**Detailed info on the schedule and program will be sent later to the participants only.
Place: Reminders Photography Stronghold 2-38-5, Higashimukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Fee: 95,040 JPY (RPS member: 91,800 JPY)** Including a sales tax
Instructors: Teun van der Heijden, Sandra van der Doelen, Yumi Goto (RPS)
Maximum number of participants: 12


Make sure you fulfill the conditions listed below before you apply for the workshop:
* Either #1 or 2 is required, but you must meet # 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  1. You have a finished photo work/project ready for making a photobook.
  2. You have experience making a book dummy or photobook, or participated in a photobook workshop (Non-RPS workshop also possible)
  3. You have a computer installed with Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, and you have knowledge of using basic graphic softwares such as Photoshop and Illustrator (In Design knowledge preferred)
  4. You can prepare the text for your photobook and for your application in English. (or you have access to translation services)
    * Language used in the workshop is English.
  5. Once you are enrolled in the workshop, you need to attend all the scheduled dates. Please be punctual. (Please check the workshop schedule thoroughly before applying to the workshop)
  6. Your enrollment will be confirmed once you make the payment for the workshop. It is advisable that you have sufficient funds at the time of application.
    Check the conditions above, and fill in the questions below.
  • Your Full Name
  • Email address and phone number
  • Link to view your work, your narrative bio, and CV
  • Ideas for your photobook, list 6 words/keywords which represent your central idea for the planned photobook. A text that explains the content and the story. Not longer than one A4 page.
    Around 15 to 45 photos and/or materials for your photobook project (the materials may be replaced with other images accordingly. At this point, submit the images you will most likely include in the book)
    * Each image file should be 72dpi, up to 1200 pix on the longest side. These images are to view on a PC screen, thus each file should be sized 200KB or smaller. If you already know the sequencing, number the images as 001.jpg. Put all images in one folder and compress it. Or, you may import the numbered images to one PDF file. Attach the compressed file or the PDF file to the submission email.
  • Whether you have ever made a photobook(s) or participated in a photobook workshop(s).
    If yes:
    Please describe the book you have made or the photobook workshop you participated in. If you have produced a photobook, prepare a web page where one can view the images of page spreads, film, or PDF data. If images are sized as instructed as above, you may attach them in the email. Dropbox or Google drive preferred. Make sure the link to view your work does not expire before the deadline. If the link expires before the deadline, your application may be declined.
    If you have ever participated in a photobook workshop, and if possible, please describe the workshop and/or the book you made.
    Your English proficiency level
    * Before you submit, please make sure you fill in all the information. Send your submission to:
    *If you don’t receive a response for over 72 hours after the submission, please re-send your submission or let us know with an email. If you still do not hear from us, send a message via Facebook. Our facebook page: Otherwise msg or whatsapp to +818044268011 (**please use this only when you don’t hear anything from us over 72 hours.)
    Submission is open until the deadline. After the deadline, a selection will be made based on the submitted materials and the selected participants will be notified by the end of August or early September. RPS will not answer any inquiry concerning the acceptance of your submission.

IMG_20151221_084336About the instructors:

Teun van der Heijden and Sandra van der Doelen are graphic designers and founders of Heijdens Karwei, a graphic design agency based in Amsterdam, dividing their working time over Amsterdam and New York. The agency is known for the design of award-winning photography books including Rape of a Nation – Marcus Bleasedale, Latitude Zero – Monique Stauder, Black Passport – Stanley Greene, Interrogations – Donald Weber, What We Wear – Pieter van den Boogert, Diamond Matters and Via PanAm – Kadir van Lohuizen, War Porn – Christoph Bangert, Gold Coast – Ying Ang, Inshallah – Dima Gavrysh, When I was Six – Phillip Toledano, Belgian Autumn – Jan Rosseel, Passport – Alexander Checkmenev, Magic Part Place – CJ Clark and recently REX – Zackary Canepary. Since more than ten years, Heijdens Karwei has been designing the World Press Photo yearbooks and exhibitions.
Teun van der Heijden has given guest lectures at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Art Academy St. Joost in Breda and is an external examiner at the ABKMaastricht in Maastricht.
He is a faculty member at the International Center of Photography in New York and at the Master of Photography program at The Luca School of Arts in Genk, Belgium.

Teun has taught workshops for ISSP in Estonia, for the Trans-Border Institute of the University of San Diego and ICP in the US, for Linke Gallery in Milan and 10b Gallery in Rome, Italy, for Chobi Mela in Bangladesh and for World Press Photo in Estonia and Angola.
Together Sandra and Teun have taught workshops in Lagos, Nigeria for Photo Lagos, in Tuscany, Italy for TPW, in Georgetown, Malesia for Obscura Festival, in New York at the International Center of Photography and at the Bronx Documentary Center, in Genk, Belgium for Luca School of Arts and in Tokyo at the Reminders Photography Stronghold.

【Photobook Masterclass 2018】

public lecture

[**Some remarkable recognitions]
2015 Photobook Masterclass participants:
Julie Glassberg / BIKE KILL
2017 Shortlisted DUMMY AWARD KASSEL, Kassel Germany

Lijie Zhang / Midnight Tweedle
Won The Steidl Book Award Asia 2016
Fotobookfestival Dummy Award Kassel 2016 3rd prize
Shortlisted LUMA Dummy Book Award Arles 2016

Won The Steidl Book Award Asia 2016

Miho Kajioka / And, where did the peacocks go?
Shortlisted LUMA Dummy Book Award Arles 2016

Miki Hasegawa / Internal Notebook
2017 Shortlisted DUMMY AWARD KASSEL, Kassel Germany

Kazuhiro Matsumura / Guruguru ~My Transmigration~
2017 Shortlisted DUMMY AWARD KASSEL, Kassel Germany
2017 Shortlisted Fuam Dummy Book Awards 2017

2016 Photobook Masterclass participants:
Hiroshi Okamoto / We do not need you, here. / If I could only fly.(pre-order available now)
Shortlisted Fiebre Dummy Award, Spain
Shortlisted PhotoBoox Award, Photolux Festival
Shortlisted Unseen Photo Fair Dummy Award

Terje Abusdal / Slash & Burn
Shortlisted Fiebre Dummy Award, Spain
Shortlisted LUMA Dummy Book Award Arles 2017

Chloe Jafe
Shortlisted LUMA Dummy Book Award Arles 2017

Elena Kholkina / The Girls in Front of the Lake
Shortlisted Photobookfest Dummy Award 2017

Kenji Chiga / Bird, Night, and then (pre-order available now)
2017 Shortlisted DUMMY AWARD KASSEL, Kassel Germany

2017 Photobook Masterclass participants:
Stijn van der Linden / an essay on the concave city corner
Shortlisted Unseen Dummy Award 2018
Grand Prix Photobook Week Aarhus Dummy Award

Louis Lim / …there is no end
Shortlisted the Libris Awards with the acquisition by Artspace Mackay (Mackay, 2018)
Shortlisted Singapore International Photo Festival (Singapore, 2018)

2018 Photobook Masterclass participants:
Naomi Harris “Haddon Hall”
Second Prize:Kessel Book Dummy Award

Stefen Chow / The Poverty Line

Arles LUMA DUMMY AWARD / Stefen Chow “The Poverty Line”

Julie GlassbergのBIKE KILL



Miki Hasegawa “Internal Notebook”


Hiroshi Okamoto “We do not need you, here./ If I could only fly.”

Kenji Chiga “Bird, Night, and then.”

Louis Lim and Beth Jackson  “… there is no end”