[SOLD OUT] Giovanni Cocco’s photobook “MONIA”

We are pleased to announce that organizing our 10th RPS grantee, Giovanni Cocco’s exhibition opens on April 9th. Along with the exhibition, Giovanni will launch his self-published photobook “Monia”

*RPS to take pre-order for 15 normal edition signed by the author and 10 special edition with signed by Monia (Total edition of book is 200)
*40 pages(A4 size)
*The introduction text is by Caterina Serra, writer and screenwriter, Graphic design by Filippo Nostri. Book Specific: 40 pages glued on the back cover, with coated paper 180 gr and paperback Cacciari special. A4 color. Cover Gmund 300 gr.
*Price: 3,200 JPY (normal edition) 5,100 JPY (special edition)
*Shipping fee to all destinations outside Japan: 2,500 JPY via JAPAN POSTAL SERVICE E-PACKET. You’ll be notified when it’s shipped by the Japan Postal Service. The schedule of shipping will start after the book launch of April 9th, 2016
Two copies or more, kindly write to stronghold@reminders-project.org

Giovanni Cocco’s photobook “MONIA” is available to take pre-orders from REMINDERS PHOTOGRAPHY STRONGHOLD on Vimeo.


“She stands still, holding her breath. She keeps searching with her eyes, anxious at what she might miss. I move closer. Maybe I’ll understand what she is looking at. I’ve been doing this since we were kids. I stare at my sister while she stands still, holding time still. I keep looking – there is an undercurrent, a tidal force drawing her nearer every thing she sees. She touches them uncertain, as if it were always a first time. Hesitating, marveling. Might she think that aiming is better than reaching? That touching is not the same as the desire to touch? That some are best left alone? Maybe this is why she loves light, and water, and shadows. She keeps reaching out to them. Everything that might escape – she wants to touch that. I keep looking – she is there, yet gone. And she carried me away with her.” This work is a work in progress; it started six years ago, in silence. The photographs came first, before any other project, and before the story, which they belong to. They are the result of an experience and the desire to tell it. Monia is disabled since birth. She lives in habits, simple gestures and long moments without words or actions. A world away from everything else, solitary, confined, but not empty, where time is made up of moments, a present that does not need to project into the future. Photographing her is an act of knowledge and research. It is a way to understand her, wondering what she thinks and what she wants. From life, from me. Soon it won’t just be the approach through photography, which will bring me to her, to remember the gestures and glances with which she seems to touch and see the world. One day she will be part of my life, she will have to deal with me, every day, with the way I see her and love her. Telling her story and her life is the first step for one to enter the life of the other, with both the joy and the difficulty of the encounter.

About Giovanni Cocco:

Giovanni Cocco was born in Sulmona, Italy in 1973. After years of photographing his native region, Abruzzo, from an anthropological perspective, the Italian photographer turned his lens to social and environmental reportage. His work has been published in leading international news magazines. From 2010 to 2012, he takes part of the VII Mentor Program. For over 6 years he has been working on a long term social project documenting the life of his sister and his family, which won the second prize at the Emerging Photographer Grant from Burn Magazine e Magnum foundation in the 2011.