Jean-Marc Caimi’s “Daily Bread” The Scrapbooks for sale – Only 5 editions

For sale from our bookshelf today we have our 4th RPS grantee, Jean-Marc Caimi’s ”Daily Bread”, The Scrapbooks. There are only 5 pre-press editions available. Also his show is scheduled in June 2014.


“Daily Bread”, The Scrapbooks by Jean-Marc Caimi


I made five working copies, scrapbooks, to be able to work with the idea of a book format for the “Daily Bread” concept. After the first big edit of the spare pictures, that were scattered all around and sticked on the walls of my home, a more rational form was a must.

Rough copies of the selected pictures were made at the local copy center, here in Rome. A half A4 dimension was chosen for effectiveness. A size very similar to what I had in mind for the book.
The copies were brought to a printing press for cutting and perfect binding.

At the end of the process I had five working-copies of “Daily Bread”.
The scrapbooks revealed that the first edit was good, The pictures worked well together. And I was pleased to notice that, in despite of the low quality output of the copies, the scrapbooks had already a strong personality on their own.

– Book #1 is my copy. There are small notes on some pictures. The ones that we thought we wanted to take out from the final book, for example, some on the perfect “couples” and also random ones, done without rational thinking. And stains, due to usage. Also the non-professional book binding is now quite damaged.

– Book #2 is *Valentina’s copy. Valentina has helped me to edit the book. I would have never made it without her. With her copy in hand she started to meet people around town to understand their reaction to “Daily Bread”. Thanks to her and to the Scrapbook #2, “Daily Bread” was booked for exhibitions in beautiful galleries in Rome and abroad.
*Valentina Piccinni (, is a documentary and fine art photographer, also an art curator. She’s a colleague in some documentary photography projects and a close friend of mine. She helped me to put the Daily Bread project on the right track. We did the editing together and she did some important public relation work for the project.

– Book #3/4/5 are scrapbooks that have been lended to friends. They were asked to go through the book for a general impression about the work. Feedback from them was precious to fine tune the project. These scrapbooks are in much better condition and quite un-damaged. My friends were very careful with them.

“Daily Bread Scrapbook”
by Jean-Marc Caimi
148 pages
Fabriano multipaper 140g
Black and white digital copy print
Hot glue binding perfect
Signed and numbered by the author*

190 euro plus shipping and handling fee.
Shipping via Airmail only. it is approximately 20 euro for the international order.

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