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千賀健史 写真集 「Bird, Night, and then.」 from REMINDERS PHOTOGRAPHY STRONGHOLD on Vimeo.

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Bird, Night, and then.

Mukesh was in a free school in Bihar, India.
He had a dream of becoming a doctor from since he was a young boy and he spent his life to reach that goal.
But the loss of his sickly father meant the loss of the purpose to struggle for the goal.
The uncertainty of the future annoyed him that he lost a way he should proceed.

In this country, a major reason of suicidal deaths is that they cannot choose to follow the only path of hope they know because of the Caste discrimination, mental pressure from their families, and anxiety regarding the future.
Getting out of poverty, expectation from their families, future possibilities, there are not many choices they can take.

But, was it really the only choice they had?
Mukesh decided to proceed in a new way that he had been interested in for some time as his next step ahead. His family agreed him to do so.

The world you are seeing is not everything.
He left for Delhi to find a new life of his own.
This was a difficult choice and required courage. Of course, the life ahead of his may not be a bright one.
But nothing changes if he does not step forward.

The new step he takes will bring the dawn to his night of solitude and suffer.
His bright and beautiful new world full of possibility begins.

※This body of work is inspired by true-life events. I worked closely with my subject in order to write the text in the book, which was derived from the letter that I received from him and some interviews.It is the story of between fiction and nonfiction.

Bird, Night, and then.
Hardcover: 156 pages
64 original images, 6 illustrations, 10 archival materials
Languages: Japanese and English edition
Size: 230mm x 175mm x 25mm, g
55 editions only (all made to order) all signed and given the edition number by the artist
Photo / A part of the illustration / Text / Edit / Print / Bookbinding: Kenji Chiga
English editor: Ali Baghani, Yurika Miyoshi, Priyanka Chharia, Takeru Suzuki
11,500 JPY (plus shipping fee)

Concept, edit and art-direction: developed in the 2016 photo book making masterclass by Yumi Goto, Sandra van der Doelen and Teun van der Heijden, in collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold.

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