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We proudly present a book exhibition from past workshop participants who attended the Reminders Photography Stronghold’s Photobook Masterclass in December 2017 and in October 2018.

When: May 1st (Wed.) to May 12th (Sun.) \ Opening Talk at 1pm on May 3rd (Fri) by the participants.

Where: Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery
2-38-5, Higashimukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

*During the exhibition, a photobook event will be hosted.
*Some participants’ brand new book will be available for sale.
*We will post information here for any further updates.

About the Exhibition:
In December 2017 and in October 2018 a six-day workshop, “Photobook Masterclass”, was held at Reminders Photography Stronghold with the goal to make long term photography projects into books. The photographers worked with two invited instructors – Teun van der Heijden and Sandra van der Doelen.

The workshop began with an ‘elevator pitch’, in which each participant was given three minutes to deliver a summary of their projects. In the first and second day of the workshop, participants sorted through their large volumes of printed images that were laid out on the tables so that everyone could observe the editing process. Basic to advanced book design concept were discussed and a trial and error process on various ideas were executed to enhance better communication in a book form. The material choices such as paper, binding, shape, thickness, hardcover or softcover of the book were carefully decided based on their project concept.

A book as a tangible media allows us to compose multiple layers of communication. Like binding sections to accumulate thickness of a book, participants dug in deep into their project concept in search for the depth to their narrative. After the workshop, there were two feedback sessions for each participant, a three-month interval, followed by a final feedback at the sixth-month period. This is vital to keep the enthusiasm for the participants to brush up on the prototype of their dummy book.

“Trial and Error” said Teun van der Heijden continuously throughout the workshop. It is only through doing and making mistakes that ideas can come into fruition and where the book will take shape. During the exhibition, the participants will exhibit past dummy books to present how their projects progressed. Additional to participants’ books, other components of their projects will be display on gallery walls to show a broader understanding of their projects.

It is with our pleasure to know that at least three of the ten exhibition participants were nominated for this year international dummy book awards. Several international participants will also be returning to Tokyo in person to showcase their book making process. While other will be doing a video call for their artist talks.

We will be thrilled to see you at Reminders Photography Stronghold and encourage you to be open to the idea of developing your photobook and the possibilities of visual story telling.

Photobook Masterclass Instructors:
Teun van der Heijden
Sandra van der Doelen
Yumi Goto (RPS)

Participating Photographers
Photobook Masterclass 2017 participants
Louis Lim
Yuji Sugiyama
Yuki Iwanami

Photobook Masterclass 2018 participants
Catalina Juger Cerda
Fuminori Sato
Masaru Goto
Mathias Tang
Minny Lee
Miyuki Yamanaka
Natsuko Eguchi
Stefen Chow

We will keep posted on Facebook page for any further update.